Flawless: An Acrostic Word Association

Funny. Facetious. Laugh at myself. Amicable. Witty. Lining is sometimes silver. Energy goes from snort to silent laughter. Sarcasm is my best friend. Silliness and goofiness okay.
Loyal. Friendships enduring. Love is unconditional. Always commit to moments. Will defend ideals. Let me protect those I love. Every person has value to me. Supportive. Steadfast and dependable.
Advocate. Faith in ability to improve. Listener. Able to understand. Willing to speak for voiceless. Let me be compassionate! Empathetic. Soft-hearted. Sincere.
Walking dictionary. Fun facts. Logic. Astute geek/nerd/bookworm. Well-informed on useless trivia. Learner. Engage in intelligent conversations. Sharp thinking. Spock.
Lively. Fearless. Love to try new things. Adventure. Walk the line. Lead by example. Experiences teach humility. Say what I mean, mean what I say. Spirited.
Errable. Forgiving. Learn by making mistakes. Accept that I am HUMAN. Willing to accept criticism. Let nature take its course to grow. Each moment is a teachable one. Sacrifice. Susceptible to change, to emotions.
Self esteem. Forever (for mostly) confident. Let go of insecurities. Acceptance. Will believe in myself, believe in others. Leave materialists behind. Encouragement; excitement for self improvement. Secure in my body. Sure of myself; sure of my choices.
Strong. Feminist. Likely to challenge status quo. Adversity can kiss my ass. Woman. Lots of obstacles overcome. Enduring spirit. Substantially stubborn. Survivor.
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