United States
40° 49' 7.4604" N, 73° 55' 37.7904" W
United States
40° 49' 7.4604" N, 73° 55' 37.7904" W
I like to think I turn heads. 
As I drive along 
that road so very traveled, 
I like to imagine 
what passerbys think of me. 
Some are appalled
at the volume of my music. 
They stare. 
Others pass me, 
frustrated beyond measure 
at my driving seven below. 
Honking and recklessly swerving around me. 
I smile to myself 
from my mom's minivan. 
Still others, 
though silently, 
marvel at my individuality. 
My bassy, 
"I don't wanna be your ghost, 
I don't wanna be anyone's ghost." 
(The National - Anyone's Ghost)
My absolute refusal
to speed or check my phone, 
despite constant pressure. 
My natural beauty
I don't bother to enhance with makeup. 
My voice, 
a voice of angels. 
They stare.
Jealous and lustful. 
I am the freest person 
they've ever seen. 
I am the most beautiful. 
But I'd never say so. 
I am not in control of my life. 
I didn't give me a gorgeous voice. 
I didn't give me beauty. 
I'm not proud 
of what I haven't done. 
I love me, 
because God loves me. 
I'm His art, 
His sculpture. 
I woke up like this. 


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