Micah lane
United States
38° 14' 31.47" N, 90° 33' 21.0816" W

Im sometimes wrong, but I'm always right

sometimes I win, when I refuse to fight

Im not perfect , but who is?

I'm gonna change the world with my words of encouragement 

see, look at me.

short bubbly and kind

people don't want to see that, so they try to change my mind

make me feel big, make me feel ugly, make me hurt.

I can say sticks and stones but when your alone you only hurt worse


But they can't hurt me because I did wake up like this ... Flawless

my hearts on my sleeve and that makes me Heartless.


No. See they only see the outside me. 

They don't want to see my inner beauty

I'm amazing.

and not because I don't have flaws.

its in all of us. We can't hide out wrongs.

We have to turn them to rights


Yes! I woke up like this. Flawless.

Not Because I don't make mistakes, not because I'm perfect.

But because I'm worth it. I'm flawless, timeless, and penniless.

But I'm also nice and neat.

I refuse to cheat.

I turn my flaws into beauty's and if we all do that we can all be beauty queens

I woke up like this

I was born like this

I live like this

And I will die like this



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Grant-Grey Porter Hawk Guda

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