You want me to tell you why I’m Flawless.

Flawless, having no errors or mistakes;

Deserving respect and admiration,

Not deviating from what is normal.


Flawless is an illusion, a construct of human imagination

The cold idea of perfection, no emotion, no life.

The notion that everything is precise, appealing, and symmetric

No chaos or confusion, only patterns and peace


Reality, existence, humanity in itself can never be Flawless

Even at the molecular level, the very particles of our selves

There are mistakes, there are additions and deletions, making us unique

From our DNA to our bodies to our raw emotions-



Chapped lips, tiny hands, small stature

My flaws are natural, human.

More important to me than my strength

They have made me stronger than any of my natural talents or possessions.

My flaws are not damage to repair in a rundown house

But rather human architecture telling tales of my past.


My flaws are not some shameful beast to be kept from the light

Trapped by the idea of Flawless, burdens for me to bear

Hidden by staged smiles in public

Something to dwell on when I’m alone

Festering in the prison of my insecurity.


Instead, display my demons, set them free

Lift their shrouded cages from my chest

Release them from the shackles of Flawless

I will walk hand in hand with my sorrows

Embrace them like the Prodigal son

Learn to love my own flaws the way no one else will.


How dare you ask me to convey myself as Flawless?

Would you strip me of my past and of my body?

Erase both the negative things and the positive?

Society tells me that flaws are wrong, that to be the best you have to be perfect

You tell me I am already Flawless, perfect no matter what


You are both wrong.


Yes, I am flawed. I am confident, talented, smart, happy, and also flawed.

My flaws are important, my flaws make me who I am.

Flaws are not always detrimental

“Flawless” always is.


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