The Flaw Of the Melancholy

And it was that the Melancholy Man simply did not understand that with the power of “LOVE”, that which is the truth, that which is the answer, you can defeat any and all self-loathing.
The answer is, and always was, “LOVE YOURSELF”.
Answer any distaste in your life with an endless stream of love for yourself.

Do it like you would do it for “them”.

Out of true and honest love, fore we Melancholy types know what that is.
Do it with honesty and endless self interest. Interest in the body, mind, and soul. Not only of body. Not only of soul. Do it for the best of all three. Which is the holy Trinity. 
Father, the soul. 
Son, the body.
Holy ghost, the mind.
The son is the joining of the other two. 
The joining of all three is to find Nirvana here on this hell we call Earth.

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