I would say I’m more cynical than original 

However pastels have always been more true to my insides

Even though my past lovers would disagree and train me to believe the same 

I blame my self abandoning and becoming what their eyes wanted to see

I dimmed my hues

I forgot the

Lavenders and baby blues

The touch of mint 

Hints of bliss 

Blush through ever kiss

My color are my weights

All the things that float on my wings

But none that matched my honest shades


I’m more white than you think

More like beige but I’ll settle 

Simple but not as bad as you see

I wear silver and I walk

amongst those of lighter delights


I think I’m darker than black 

Maybe the darkest tone

I can sometimes feel the maliciousness sneak through my bones and the muscles and through the skin

I’m surprised you don’t want to smell what I keep within


My emotions are a grey matter 

No one seems to want outside or in between 

I cater to it with prestige 


Subconsciously I try to ignore the things no one seems to see

The secrets I think are secret

But shines through the colors I wear

My hair 

My stare

My movements

The truth is 

I say things without a thin line between appreciation of my own actions and my guilt 

Would be something inside my inner rainbow


I guess I always tasted like skittles 

But you brought out my black liquorice 

I cherish your honesty and your critique of my flavors 

But your truths didn’t set me free

They did me a flavor 

It allowed me to accept the fact I’m both black and white 

And I can spread my kaleidoscope in the hectic night 

The metallic highlights on my face may be a distraction from everything else

But what’s most important is that I can reveal my pigments to myself 

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