Fishing With Our Dad

Wed, 05/15/2013 - 08:47 -- Enree


United States
39° 55' 29.2692" N, 83° 11' 10.8096" W

Sitting by the water
As ripples, ripples form;
Stare at my bobber
As it rocks, rocks back and forth

I tell my Sis to pass the Cheetos
As I swat away mosquitoes;
Dad picks up the tackle box
Let’s go try another spot

My hook holds on to a rock
So I tug, tug and yank;
I warn my sister by the dock
Stay away, stay away from the bank

Hey Dad, can we swap?
He rolls his eyes, thanks a lot!
He tries different angles
And gets my line untangled

I throw out my line
And reel, reel in;
We sweat like swine
Wanna dive, dive in

The bugs seem to hydroplane
I feel a cold drop of rain
Fish splash to the surface
Do they ignore my bait on purpose?



My dad would take my twin sister and I fishing in the summer. Although I found it boring at the time, I can appreciate it as a memory of us being together. Families need to take time away from technology and work so they can just hang out.

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