fish can't climb trees.


For tweleve years we're taught a standard

everyone is taught the same

To solve for x or to remember a historical name

But this connontation of learning isn't all it's cracked up to be

and the major flaw in the system continuously goes unseen

Not everyone learns the same

logically, you wouldn't ask a handful of animals to climb a tree

because under those terms, the only one successful would be the monkey


and if you aren't good with numbers, what are you to do?

Under our standards, you must learn it, even if it's useless to you.

Regardless of your major of intrest, this and all the other standards must be seen through


I'm not quite sure how to pay all my future financial dues,

how to fix a broken sink, or make all my taxes go through

but thank God I can solve an equation using the qaudratic formula








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