First Love

First Love

Should I ever love one truly again

tis’ the question I would love to find out

if it is not likely I must ascertain

for I am so tired of my own doubt

maybe you are my first and my last love

I love the way you made me smile

for it is our love I place above

above others for now and awhile

Tis’ the curse of the first love to be fierce

And thus when it ends one is left unsure

I crave to love again in the long years

for I always seek a broken heart cure

I like to think I will love once anew

but it is hard when there’s only one you

Two years later and I thank you

For I have grown into a woman

Who has her own demands

Who has truly learned she needs no man

Who learned to love herself

Who learned a poem doesn’t need to rhyme

Or need structure or a plan

But that deserves a happy ending

Two years later and I stopped seeking a broken heart cure

I knew I grew when I learned to say no

From a lost child to a strong woman

I thank you


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