First Love

Tue, 12/13/2016 - 04:15 -- slfang

The dream of us became bliss,
But everything ended with one last kiss.
Now I got you off my list,
See me again and I'll show you my fist. 
Everything crumbling down cannot be revived,
You just made me more deprived.
I don't really like to snitch,
But I didn't think you would be a bitch.
To think that you could change,
Just made me sound really deranged.
Do you think this is all one big game?
To think you got all these girls to claim.
Through all the bickering,
Our love was slowly withering.
Like the rose in Beauty and the Beast,
Our adventures would soon be deceased.
The dependency I grew towards you,
Slowly made me function with an upward skew.
But as I thought to myself,
I should find oneself.
The person I was before you was fine,
This should all be a sign.
A path that shaped me who I am today,
Would soon come to play.
All the heartbreaks and regrets I had,
I think I should be glad.
To all the times I was blessed,
It ended up being one big test.
I just have these last few words for you,
thank you. 

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