Fire Renews

Fire Renews
Fire, it's the renewer of life
How? You may ask
When it's caused so much strife
Let me unmask
Fire, it readily destroys
Whether by accident
Or by some cruel ploy
Fire, destruction it brings
Destroying nature,
Destroying people, places or things
Fire, it's the force of renewing
You may think that it's nonsense I'm spewing
But fire, it burns all away
Burns away the white, the black, and the gray
Anything and everything to fire will fall
What comes from the depths of the ash will appall
'Tis green and fresh, that pokes its head through
Because fire, though it destroys, will also renew
So when it's cold, and you light a fire
Remember the trees, and begin to admire
How nature uses a terrible pyre
To eliminate all of its ugly attire
Get rid of all of the muck and the mire
To make the old trees and old bushes retire
Is to grant Mother Nature's one true desire.
So the next time that you begin to inquire
Why nature would want to make itself drier,
You just think of the renewing power of fire


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