Fri, 10/04/2013 - 17:55 -- caseyp



It's like looking through the window at a toy store when you were a kid. You see all the best toys up front; all the prettiest & the nicest, but the most expensive too. Then you spot it, the one that really catches your eye. You ask for it every day but you end up with every other toy but the one you wanted most in that window. They keep you company and make you forget for a while. They give you some sort of happiness. In the end, you always rememeber that perfect one only inches away through that glass. It'll always be too far from your fingertips. My adoration for you grows brighter than anything I've ever seen, yet it leaves me blinded. It has become too hard to look through the window & know I'll never have a chance. You are too far & will always be, from my fingertips. 




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