Finding yourself

9:17 you shot me a call

unaware of why you were I had answered

your voice was filled with joy

I remember your family walking in

you were telling them to leave

(like always)

Even after your little sister came in

with her "negative vibes"

you still sounded so excited to tell me about your vision

we were close again

and you were truly happy

what am I saying you were happy while telling me this

I remember you said that I was the only face you saw

youd say how we were at the park and started off as a small group

then little by little larger it got and we were doing some spiritual stuff 

but your voice was just so happy

and filled with joy

you told me how you felt the relief lift from your chest

you said to me how you knew that you forced yourself to see only good in people

even if you knew they were bad for you

you told me how you wanted to change

And how you wanted to find yourself

But also how I needed to find me

that how we both need to fix us before we can fix others

Adel... I know you want to find your true happiness...

so what are you doing now??


be free!

you're a beautiful writer!

your passion for god is amazing!

so search!

stop holding yourself in these toxic relationships that are holding you back

you have a life ahead of you!

find out what you want to do with it....

then fly❤️


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