Finding Myself

Upon a mirror, I stand

Confused and in a daze.

I search among the superficial 

and find myself amazed.

My body is changing, my hips are wide,

But I know it's something more.

It may be something deep inside,

Something stuck within my core.

Around me, the world was changing

And I took this to heart.

My soul cried out in agony,

But I didn't know where to start.

My passion for others started growing

Like a never-ending flower.

People in pain surrounding me,

Affected me by the hour.

Growing up for me consisted

Of countless hours of service.

Speaking out for my beliefs

Even though it made me nervous.

This is when I realized

Who I was deep inside.

I wanted to help all around me,

I didn't want to hide.

I was happy to know

The woman I became.

I knew that something inside me,

Would come out


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