(finding myself)

A closed hand
tightly holding no object quickly appears in your vision
That's my fist
now heading towards your face
My knuckles bluntly make contact with your cheek
replicating the sound of a sudden body drop
your face squints and shrivels as your eyes water up

after I pull back my fist
I see you
backing off in fear
of the short gangely kid now standing a little taller before you
my lips then moving in harmony with the swift recoil of my fist
spit out the word, "FAGGOT!"
the word ended but was still ringing in my ears
you'd think I was proud
the joke's on you though
little do you know that after I hit you

I was hit too
hit with my own self regret
I would have rather been punched in the face
so consider yourself the lucky one
and now
as my adrenaline starts to decline
I realize
what I have done
I have violated another
I have viewed how you see others
I am just like you
In this moment.


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