Finding My Voice

Thu, 07/07/2016 - 18:02 -- livnluv

Quiet they say, silent I am,

But through this writing they will understand.

I don't say much but I think a lot.

Words dance in my head but that's their hang out spot.

I'm scared of judgement when I try to speak out,

But when I write a poem I can truly be loud.

In my writing I'm a strong and independent person.

It's on the page I am honest,

And I'm me in my verses.

Poetry's like a field where I'm free to play.

I can pick phrases and words like a rose or a daisy.

Poetry's like the blue, cool waters,

Where I can swim in metaphors and similes till the end of the day.

In my darkest of times, poetry is my refuge.

A safe place to purge the venomous thoughts from my soul.

When I'm lonely the sentences comfort my aching heart.

In my happiest of times, I have fun with a rhyme,

And reference lovely things that make me feel alive.

For some it's a chore, for me its an escape.

I found my real voice, because in poetry I'm unafraid.


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