Finding: Me.

2016: The Year of Change. 

Dying, rising, overtaking. 

Wondering, wandering, struggling, pushing. 

Questioning, seeking, answering. 





May: Knowing- the time to change would soon arrive.

June: Looking- to see who was deep inside.

August: "Who are you?"
                             "I have a name."
              "What will you do?"
                             "That I cannot say."

September: Confusion.

October: Leaving. 

"Your eyes light up," she'd said to me.
But I always swore it couldn't be. 

On a whim, I acted. 
The universe roared back at me. 

Life, rose to meet me. 
Plans, soon unfold. 

"Yes, you've finally found it!" You could hear it in the trees. 

I stand steadfast now, I walk confidently. 
Who I am? I know. 

All have helped and led me, all pushed me past "Go." 
The prior path illuminates; where I've been, I see. 
Per the pun, "hindsight is 2020!" 
Without them, I couldn't. 
"Thank you," I scream. 

December: "Who are you now?" 
                  "What will you be?" 
                                Me, now the way I mean to be. 


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