Finding Me

There were words to say but no one to care.

At the end of the day, I couldn't see anyone there.

Life had me down, at times it was killer.

The old me wasn't around, couldn't even feel her.


Felt like a solo in a crowd of duets.

Had nowhere to go, drowning in regrets.

Made to feel like a kid, yet I was expected to be mature.

My feelings had to be hid, so many things I had to obscure.


The words begin to flow from mind to pen.

It allows me to let go, making me feel like me again.

It's a way to express emotions and thoughts I had been concealing.

My life that was once a mess, is becoming a dream and appealing.


To bottle feelings inside is never right, but sometimes I had no choice.

I choose to write, because that has allowed me to find my true voice.


Although life can be hell, it feels better with poetry and sets me free.

Finding this way to express myself helps me to excel, because poetry has allowed me to be me.










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