Finding Me

I wish you could understand.
I wish you could really see.
There has to be a way
that you could know me some day.
You have to look so hard,
beyond what you think you know.
Look past the mask and the guard.
Now you can finally see the show.
You have finally found the eyes to see.
I would like to introduce to you now
the real me.

Can you see me
As I break through to reality,
Shed my cloak of invisibility?
DO you like it,
Respect it, accept it?
Or am I still the girl you always knew
‘cause you could always see the true.
Or do you see a different girl
Who has removed her mask to share with the world
Who she truly is.
I hope you see me.
Not the girl with a fragile heart
Who is terrified of falling apart
Under pressure.
Not the girl who could easily break,
Who holds back more than you would think,
But me.
That is all I want you to see.
Peel back the layers and let them free.
See what lies beneath the shield is true beauty.
The beauty of an honest girl with a pure heart.
The beauty of kindness shining in every part.
That is all I want from you, I promise.
I just wish you could find the real me.
Because no one else will.


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