Finding the key

I hear your cries, but there are no words

only foreign sounds and the commotion that you stir.

You scream for someone to listen, someone to care,

but nobody answers, even though they are there.


When you can't get across what you're trying to say,

and you've sacrificed everything, every single way,

what more is left, but to give up hope?

turn your back on sanity, slide down the slippery slope.


Alone is how you feel, isolated is how you are

lost and empty, underneath nothing but stars.

until one day an angel comes through,

she see's nothing in this world, nothing but you. 


She picks you up, stares into your eyes,

and it is there where you find the enemy of your demise. 

Breathe in life, and exhale the hate

for life is a chalkboard, you must clean the slate.



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