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Yes, there are cracks in the sidewalk, coffee can burn you, and the light from the streetlamp shines through your bedroom window.

You see life in the small sense, the little day-to-day pieces, "life."

Stop seeing  "life" through your smudgy front window and see it as the expanse of the horizon laid out before you.

Life is full and infinite. Yes, we die but we are given infinite paths to live on before we do.

Never believe you are stuck where you are.

Do what I do, lie on the grass, and look at the stars. 

Look at how small you are and compare it to the endless world above you.

The world is too large to be stuck in a box.

Just do what I do and look at the stars.

Remember that you can always take a detour or an entirely new route.

Tilt your head up, follow a light, and live all you are offered on this earth.

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