Finally Over

How will you know when it's finally over?

Who will you be when you no longer exist?

What will you do with eternal freedom?

When will you begin to accept the present moment?

Where will you be when you wake up dead?


Trying to accept living as life,

Is not so easy when you're under God's knife.

I may not understand the last physical breath,

But I'll never forget emotional death.


Where does my body go when my soul is dead?

When exactly did I end the present moment?

What will I do now, my soul given my body freedom?

Who am I now that I no longer exist?

How do you know that life isn't finally over?


I will not accept living as life,

Especially running from God's surgical knife.

I'll finally understand the last physical breath,

Now that I've experienced emotional death.


Jarred Shah



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Our world


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