Finally Get My City Back

Thu, 06/05/2014 - 03:02 -- Numero1


Golden like a retriever he use to be an old yeller

until the eighth of September when they had to put the kid 

kid not dog because in my city the younger generation they say is doomed when the baby boomers are having kids of their own. 

Where every child's a murderer but instead of killing someone else they would rather turn the gun on themselves oh the health of them

but no one thinks to check their mental at all and I this time of need has brought me to get what was rightfully mine to be heard because all the kids see life as a blur 

remember when your parents said that if you joined a gang you would be in jail or dead or in the hospital 

Remember when your parents said dont go chasing waterfalls because sooner or later that live you call a river well the water will run out and the only waterfall or works you may have are tears on your cheek

remember the first dance, kiss, moment you shared in acheivement

to have someone be proud of you for something you deserve well throw a dog a bone and if you are going home 

sleep well knowing your dog has had two children by where the red fern wherever it grows and lord knows all the pain we have been through is nothing compared to the turn out 

to be heard the nerd they hated that no girl had dated in years has came to take you from suffering something like a king but far from a god if the city is under fire here comes the extinguisher to rid you 

where are you from? 

A place where the love is missing where everyone has a sudden emptyness in them and where goals barely unfold on the piece of paper intended to be passes like a note I seek to grow you can be a flower child with me a bloom or rot sure there will be weeds in your garden but pardon me if a young kid just wanted to be heard to speak his mind and instead of bringing back a feeling reinvent his own

when you are under attack I will walk a thousand miles with luggage like a camel to protect the mamel known as human to do one thing to dispel the attack and with one purpose 

To finally get my city back

kids these days shouldn't suffer and if I have the voice of poetry like a tree I will branch out the worst thing you can do is withhold something worth sharing whether it is experiences advice or life we are filled with vices and virtues and rather than hurt you I just want to help

if we are dogs no matter if a hybrid or pitbull the one part we have in common is our differences that make out synonymous 

cut from a different cloth we all should receive a treat for a job well done oh bring back that bone follow the commands well though conformity maybe suicide you would rather die on your feet to make a difference than live on your knees so continue to spread the message to do one thing in a hopeless society 


get your city back

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