The Final Kickoff

Darkness encroaches 

The feelings disappear

Loneliness approaches 

Don't look in the mirror 


Swollen eyes 

Tear stained cheeks

Keep up the lies 

Until one leaks 


Nobody asks 

Don't tell 

Put on the masks 

Silently yell 


Tired bones

Tired mind 

Tired moans

It's all so confined 


Scream out for help

No one hears

Not even a yelp

The room clears


You're alone

You're empty 

Embracing the unknown 

You crack like Humpty Dumpty 


Just to feel human

You hurt your soul, body, mind 

You're consumed in 

The pain and it's too kind 


No one sees

Turn it off

Just go please 

The final kickoff 


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