A Final Goodbye


A Final Goodbye
July 23
Though sticks and stones may break my bones,
Words will scar and bruise me
They don't appear as deep but they 
Linger on and refuse to be set free 
My memories hound around me, swirling
Telling me I'm worthless
Just because these injuries
Lay upon my surface
Well bruising comes from bleeding inside
Scars are visible reminders
That although we may appear tough 
We've still been through the grinders
And people say "school is rough," and
"Kids will be kids"
They hide from the blatant truth
The bottle it up and cap the lids
So they aren't forced to remember
The times in their days 
When others thought they were a
Viable field to graze
Or when they helped others in 
Bringing the little ones down
Because they were afraid it would be them
If they didn't help this time around. 
But just watching doesn't help
It only adds to the scars
Making us feel as insignificant 
As a speck of sand to a quasar. 
And although we know that we are small
And our presence has little effect, 
We want to believe we've left a mark
On the long path that we've trekked.
But until people realize
The gravity that comes with words,
Until they realize that their 
Silence made them into cowards,
Nothing will have changed
And we shall all be filled with regret
And don't think it's just because of 
Of the hateful world we could offset. 
Though it will be a difficult plight where 
We may need to say our final goodbye
Because nobody is going to do anything 
Until somebody dies
It may be a drastic measure,
This I know. 
But through the hate I've received,
I feel like I must go. 
I have enough scars to last a lifetime
My bruises run body-wide
And there is no small measure
Through which I have tried. 
People will never listen
Until it directly affects their lives
No matter how many pills are popped
Or flesh upturned by knives
It takes something major
To catch the public's eye
And so it is with a relieved but weary heart
That I shall say goodbye. 


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