Final Curtain Call

It started just thirteen years ago.

It may not seem like a short time,

But the time flew by fast. 

I remember walking across the stage for my first concert,

the smell of the gym filled my small nose.

That was thirteen years ago. 

Now my senior year is drawing to a close. 

I'm getting ready to smell the stale gym air as a student one last time. 

I'll be moving on from the town i've called home.

The place i made my first friend.

The spot I had my first kiss.

The time i found my one true passion.

Now i'm leaving it all behind.

Now i'm moving on.

But it's not just my time that's come to a close.

It's the class of 2015's time.

So it should go more like this. 

IT's our time.

Our time has wound down.

Our time has come to walk that line,

And walk across the stage for our final curtain call. 

It's our last curtain call. 

This poem is about: 
My community


Bailey Reynolds

Alice that poem was great keep writing

Alice In Disguise

thank you. you need to keep writing as well and who knows maybe we both will become famous poets or bards someday

Bailey Reynolds

Ya I hope so maybe one day me and Yu can like meet up and work on a few poems together

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