Filtered World vs Reality

Sat, 12/27/2014 - 17:43 -- s555361






Filters that cover reality

Make us look like what society believes is beautiful

Hides the "imperfections" of ourselves

Makes us unimpaired to the world

Can reality be beautiful if its not under a filtered lens?

Will I still get the fire and heart eyed emojis?

Or are they flawed because you can see who I really am?

We are not imperfect

Without the filters - you show who you really are

Without the Sepia filter you are still flawless

You're still handsome

Filters are covering up what's really exquisite about you

Reality doesn't have filters

You are you

And you are beautiful without the black and white filter

Or the filter that gives you the look that makes your skin appear soft

It doesn't make the grass look greener than it really is

It's all beautiful without the modification 

Filters cover the real allure in life


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