Filter Out Negativity

You never know why someone chooses to use filters.

Are the self-conscious?

Do they want someone important to see only the “best side” of them?


Society has given us all these apps to change who we are.

So we can get likes on Instagram.

So we can get favorites on Twitter.


What society doesn’t have are apps that show real beauty.

You can’t see my passion for cheerleading in a facebook status.

You can’t see how much i love my sisters through a tumblr post.


Real beauty can’t be liked.

Real beauty can’t be written.

Real beauty can’t be filtered.


Real beauty is seeing the light in someone’s eyes after their puppy finally sits on command.

Real beauty is watching someone laugh so hard they cry.

Real beauty is watching someones reactions as they read their favorite book.


Real beauty can not be replayed on snapchat.

Real beauty can not be pinned on pinterest.

Real beauty can not be favorited on Vine.


There is only one app that shows real beauty.

It is called real life.

And it is starring you.


My goal in life is to pursue a degree in Psychology,

So I may help every teenager in america see their worth.

To help every teenager realize that real beauty

starts with you.

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