the filter in my mind

Behind the black and white edit of my picture

is the color of




I can choose to filter the




I can angle the picture as if to slant

the reality of what I see as imperfection

and tilt it 20° towards


But what an edit option cannot filter is

the passion in my heart,

the happiness I pursue,

the peacefulness I find in the quiet moments before I fall asleep.

My insecurities are little to none

in contrast to the security I have in my faith.

My doubts are far and few

when I focus on the assurance I have in my  talents.

My comparisons are comforting

when I acknowledge who I am because of who I was.

The only angle that can fix my interpretation of perfect

is the angle of my eyes as I walk through a crowd;

never looking down to hide my uncertainty,

but rather looking up to find my way

through the slanted perception of perfect that this society has gained.

The only filter that can erase the




is the filter in my mind

of which is highlighted with optimism,

brightened with clarity,

and saturated with confidence

in knowing that I am

unedited imperfection.

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