Film Kids are a dime a dozen


Thousands of us sprout out of editing software and Iphone cameras every year

Every Year with aspirations of L.A. back lots and walls lined with Oscars

Oscars glisening with not only gold and the blood, sweat, and tears of all the hard work we put in to getting one over most

Most of us know that not everyone will be the next Tim Burton or Quentin Tarantino, but secretly, we hope and pray it will be us

Us who makes it

It- The dream that we all wish for.

We all will attend film maker’s conferences and spend hour’s Googling the next big camera.

We are dedicated to our script writing programs and spit out the phrase “We’ll fix it in post” at least a million times a year.

We have a slight addiction to coffee and energy drinks on long nights of editing before deadlines,

but most of all...

We all have imagined the magical night when we will walk down our own red carpets into the Chinese Theater to gaze up at our own master piece

That piece that for our whole life we have been dreaming of.

one job

one film

one dream.


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