Fighting: Volume II

A little more older,


Than before,



Not so keen to cause trouble,

Pain is real,

Muscles hurt,



Out with the lads,

For someone's birthday,

Out with the lads,

Total laugh and play.


Drinks a plenty,

Some drugs too,

Some sniff cocaine,

What am I to do.


Feeling charged up,


Feeling charged up,



Club in here,

Is dog rough,

Clientele in here,

Very tough.


Lots of girls,

Many men too,

Lots of competition,

I'll see this through. 


Step on a foot,


Step on a foot, 

Say sorry.


Knock a drink,

Away from him,

Knock the chance,

To avoid a ding ding. 


What's that you said,

Yeah, you mate,

What you going to do,

Here we go again. 


Look around,

Many of them to be found,

Don't wait,

Smack him first, you clown. 


In the thick

Of it all,

Punches, kicks,

What a maul.


Careful not to go down you see,

Will be Stamped,

On my head,



Things get smashed,

Someoned gets glassed,

Becomes a Blood bath,

Unpleasant aftermath. 


Door men charge through,

Fight becomes uneven,

Cuts and bruises,

Black eyes, broken nose too. 



Around the back of head,

Someone judas me,

Huge gash open.


This has gone crazy,

From a little tear up,

To total,



Wake up the next day in bed,

Review the evening,

Head is a total,



Huge 5 inch scar,

Back of head see,

Someone took a bottle,

Head was target practise for thee. 


Will find out who it is,

Name, address, you see,

Find out where he drinks,

Come and have a fight with me. 


























This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world
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