Fighting for Forgiveness

A year ago I had no idea who I was

but today, I know.

I am the definition of love and pain,

sorrow and hate

all painted into one female portrait

the girl last year 

was so closed minded and blind 

that when the curtains moved

the sun never failed to shine 

but when it began to rain

and the clouds covered the light 

I started to wonder, who was I?

I was young, and in love

so emotionally corrupted by your touch 

that any other being could see

how badly it killed 

when you deserted me 

and just like that everything changed 

the girl in the mirror

had never been the same 

she's strong 

willing to fighting through

the pain 

because that time last year 

has become an emotional gain

but here it is

this is me

I struggled to find 

inner simplicity 

although i made the wrong turn

and it all came to a stop 

but id never forget 

what is like 

to feel like I had to run and take flight 

but now I don't 

because I am secure 

who I've become will never be like her

I am better, selfish you can say 

because the girl in this mirror  

learned to forgive you for the pain.




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