Fight or Flight

Fri, 02/19/2016 - 11:58 -- Bug

When faced with judgment,
Who will you be?
Fight or flight?
We shall see.


Dance in the wind,
Or be crushed in the mud?
Will you fly,
Or be doused in the blood?


Die or live?
You can choose only one.
Trust your heart;
Soar to the sun.


And once you’re there,
Don’t look down.
Stretch your wings;
Shadow the ground.


Fight or flight?
You can be free.
Get away from the hate,
And fly with me.


Sometimes there’s both,
And you won’t get to choose.
Then it won’t matter;
Just don’t lose.


Fly to the weary,
And fight for the weak.
Don’t back down,
And don’t be meek.


Find those who are  lost,
And show them the light.
But always remember:
Fight or flight.

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Our world


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