Fight for justiceRacism is still


Fight for justiceRacism is still alive in the world tht we're inIts a shame punishments are justified by the color of your skinFeel as though we're still fighting for equalityWhen will we win? They make it seem as though being black is a crimeRelentless whites killing african american youth for no reason and still face no timeFunny how we get 25 to life and they can get permission to walk freely at nightThis is a race to fairness and we're taking flight  And then they wonder why we say F**K the policeIts a big world but yet we cnt get a piece ?In the words of my priest, we'll make it someday. Sooner than later at least. There is no trust for us in these streets& All we're asking is to just keep the peace How many ppl we gotta lose to come togetherWe shouldn't wait until its too late but fight through the stormy weatherMLK Jr, Rosa Prks are two of the many namesThey stood up for wht was right to make a changeIt seems like it was all done in vein  Killing off my generation, upsetting the nationWritten in ink, there is no erasing. We deserve equality If they dnt see it now they'll soon HEARWe're gonna fight and do it big without a careGiving nothing less than my blood, sweat and tearsCause for my race, I have NO fear  

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