Fight for the Imperfect


Life is not perfect, it's far from it 

A fact that many people choose to omit 

Our hearts will be split, shattered, and broken 

That pain gets locked away to remain unspoken

Causing a darkness to spread through ones soul 

Engulfing the light found inside and taking its toll

It goes unnoticed at first, devious and menacing 

Until one day we look in the mirror, the reflection unsettling

We no longer recognize who we are, what we are

Leaving us to fight for that light that seems so far

This battle will wage on, wearying the warrior

Until the light begins to glow warmer

From then on the light will only shine brighter

Proof that the war was led by a fervent fighter

Life is not perfect, it's far from it 

A fact that must push us to never quit 


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