Tue, 06/10/2014 - 14:48 -- Joekyra


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Stand up and Fight. Everyone is always standing around talking about whats wrong, but no one wants to stand up and fight for what they know is right. Young men sag their pants, young ladies wear little to nothing clothes, not knowing that their outter is a representation of their inner and if they dont dress the part people will classify them as an interal sinner. First impressions are verything, but young people have a digression of any impression leaving a negative imprint, thinking people will take the time to look past their black tint into who they really are. Young people's view on the world is misconstrued. So they wlak around confused, abused and getting used, unable to open their eyes to anything new. Young people can't see past today, they act as if all they know is today and yesterday. But live like you want to see tomorrow because today is yesterday's tomorrow. But always live today different than you did yesterday. Where you are today is not where you have to stay, young people, have dream and set goals. This world is so big and there is so much for you to know. So why stand still and watch the world as it goes? Take part, set yourself apart. But then again they cant do it alone, so we must blame the people they surround themselves with and their parents too. Some parents dont know how to be parents and others dont focus on what they need to do. So young men will continue to sag, young women will forever be naked. Never realizing that we were once kings and queen and that we did once come from greatness. So many people aught for us to be free. But what does freedome really mean? Young men and young women take a look in the mirror and say "it starts with me". Be more than what you know. Know more than what your used to. Be able to mentor someoneelse because when you look at them you can see your "used to". Everyone wants to talk about whats wrong but no one wants to figth for what they know is right. Think about who you are and who you want to be, and maybe your fight for whats right can start tonight.


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