Fifth period English


Fifth period English is my favorite class.

It’s funny sometimes when big kids don’t pass.

The teacher is really loud and sometimes cray.

She would tell us to learn every fricken day.

                                                        When we see her in the hall she shouts horray.

“I’ll see you in class homie”, Mrs. Ihle would say.

No one knows what’s going on inside,

All they hear is loud yelling from beside.

It’s hard for me to stay awake when we read

But learning is fun and something we need.

Good thing I saved a turkey sandwich to much

But no the crazy teacher roared, “That’s too much!”

In the back we always hear Dylan’s loud toots.

Mrs. Ihle would shout “I will throw my small boots!”

Get to work she yelled every time we squealed.

Don’t you want an envelope with your name sealed?

Two years of craziness in the small class.

We hope we pass in this hourglass.

Honestly I hate English and writing

But the knowledge is really exciting.

You can argue if I am being sarcastic.

Truly on the inside I’m enthusiastic.

Documentaries in the end are worth the wait.

Don’t mind me falling asleep at any rate.

Good thing Mrs. Ihle is none like the rest.

Some people say she’s on good meth.

Talking is something Mrs. Ihle does best.

She’s one of a kind and none like the rest.

We love you Mrs. Ihle we really do.

We love you Mrs. Ihle now how about you?


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