Fields of Green

Years I’ve spent in fields of green

The circle of life the things I’ve seen

Births and deaths every shade between

Full moons at dawn, sunshine in rain

Laughter and heartache, healing and pain


Is it time I grow up?

Time to move on

What about the days that are gone?

Wings unfolding as the dew dries away

A new creature emerges into the day

Into the sunshine, new skin bare

A smile at hand, a flower in her hair

Wings unfettered but fragile still

She wants to fly but can’t summon the will


She lifts off, her mind her only confine

But the home she knows is all she can find

People and places

Years worth of dreams

They cling to her feathers

She can’t be rid of the things

Can she let go and re-emerge new?

Can she find the courage to do what she must do?

And what is it, this thing she must do?

What is this purpose this dream and tune?


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