A Field Day Shoe Fit For Mother Goose


United States
39° 2' 26.6856" N, 77° 13' 44.4684" W


Hey diddle diddle the cat and the fiddle

   when off to see a crooked man and woman

whilst cowards jumped over moo ving little
   pair of mismatched muggles, 

   who both walked from scan

din navy yah, where dog goniff imps 

   jousted with brittle

   shaky spears, den did mark neither path to nor way,
   where pan

demon nee yum erupted over adult 

   playing monkey in the middle

   and bear witness to such sport 

   as dishabille donned dude named Evan

spoon fully ladled insults adrip 

   with indignity of loosing - bubbling spittle
   spluttering trumping monitor to claim game rigged,

   which assault whipped a ban
she against being accosted from mish shuga, 

   a tower ring ebony Amazonian, who tittles 

   late tad evincing groan nips quibbling 

   over what appeared to be a van

knit tee fair of bruiting egos essentially 

   fighting for dominion over right to urinate i.e. piddle

   and defecate in non gender specific restrooms wan

ever the urge to empty the bladder or rectum - 

   (even if poo peas, the size of a skittle)

   fraught major firestorm ratcheting, 

   synonymous with dandy rhyme without reason - cents less ditty - 

   snap, pop, and crack ling as hot cakes on a griddle. 


actually, the above juiced a freaky sideshow portraying dis obeyed

rubric of respect, where decent honorable linkedin maturity laid
waste to politesse, whar all stops pulled 

   sans presidential debates shade
no light on meaty issues, but mudslinging as faux hit parade 
housing an offer to make America Great Again
   thru yelping vanguard, uber up lyft promulgating, 
   and intimating 4 years times 52 long weeknd rock'm sock'm
   bash re: hollow wean qua vamp pyre avast statefarm riotous quacking 

   whence life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness decayed

into growling pedigreed mishmash made 
for kickstarter bullied prize cock fighters 

   indeed jimmying stockade

bag of tricks viz contesting scalawags, 

   tearing like rabid animals inlaid

with bared teeth, and mouth frothing foam, 

   who just barely evade

coming to fisticuffs, while presenting scathing hair raid 

nada so hill a re: us political pugilists 

   making up rules on shutterfly spotify, and not afraid
toot change horses in midstream to fix outcome of game 

   of thrones spouting unfair sands casino trade
thus, billy-clubbing husband of opponent indulged 

   in many a rapacious escapade 

   smear tactics and mistruths  
essentially, he sung hiz zone battle him of republic can party, 

   a mockery and charade

   driving donnybrook conspiratorial 
   billed jeff er son muttering arcade

guarded by ensconced male and female Petsmart Weimaraner, 

   attired in getup elephant and donkey costumes respectively
while viewers entertained, who succeeds as next blade

runner, and earn chance to run country into the ground, 

   then a fancyfeast for morticians, 

   one world wide webbed graveyard 

   moss lee tubby taken back by Mother Nature, 
   thee indomitable ace of spade!  





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