FFA Jacket

A jacket. To you, it’s just a piece of clothing.

But mine? Well, it’s an extraordinary thing.

My blue corduroy companion is full of magic.

My life without him would certainly be tragic.

He always has my back,

And has instilled in me things I lacked,

Including a few super powers.

Like the ability not to cower

When I speak in front of crowds.

To swap being shy for being loud.

To take action and lead

By serving others in need.

To take a new path, go through a different door.

To learn that opportunities shouldn’t be ignored.

To persevere until I can see it through

To do to learn and learn to do.


Yeah, my jacket is pretty “boom town,”

I’ll admit, though, we’ve had our up and downs.

He is the reason I conquered the creed,

But he also hid my house keys from me.

We’ve traveled many places together.

Through thick and thin, our relationship has weathered.

He reminds me where I’m from and who I am.

When it comes to friends, he’s a grand slam.

He has stitched together a leader out of me.

For all that he has done, I’ll be grateful eternally.


FFA Jacket-

These four years with you have been life changing.

Not having you around will be rather strange.

And although I’m hanging you in your retirement home,

Your values and skills will always be sewn

Into me.



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