Feminine (adj.)

1. When I was a child, I thought my hair a leash, an agony, a nest for rats, so I took up my scissors to hack and slice and cut until it was gone. I spat in the eyes of those who called my hair a crown and glory, till I became a woman, and I learned of how saints and martyrs had laid mantles over holy things, and I then grew to see every wave, tangle, and wisp to be such a mantle for my head and body.


2. A woman’s teeth sank through a ruby-red rind and sin entered in to the world. A woman brings her maid to her husband and bids him to take her as he would a wife. A woman was deceived. A woman opened the box and let loose evil. A woman, a woman, a woman!


3. When I was a child, you declared the needle and thread symbols of captivity, of servility, of submissiveness, so I put away my needle and thread and shoveled down any desire for fear of looking weak. I let you tell me how to interpret these forms, till I became a woman, and I learned how my foremothers used the needle and thread to bind civilizations, and then I grew to see how it was my mother and grandmother and her mother before her who taught me my culture.


4. A woman’s heels rested upon the moon and stars. A woman’s hand struck a wooden stake through the temple of her enemy’s skull. A woman bears the image of God and His  Bride. A woman bears the image of a nation and a people as they bleed for their freedom. A woman, a woman, a woman!


5. When I was a child, I thought my body a monster, a cage, a prison cell, so I counted the days until I could dye my hair henna-red and hide my eyes with colored glass and adorn every inch of flesh with vibrant color so no one would see it. I raged at the Divine for giving me such a body as this, till I became a woman, and I saw the beauty in the softness of my stomach and the angles of my bones, and I grew to see the perfection of my grandmother Eve even in my imperfect form.


6. I am the woman, flesh carved from bone, and hair a holy mantle over my body. I am the woman, the daughter of a mother whose Son crushed the heads of snakes. I am the woman, entrusted language and wisdom and heritage. A woman, a woman, a woman!


This poem is about: 
My family



A woman is great and so is her mantle. Glad to know you grew up to appreciate womanhood. I admire my gender as a female since women are as great as men as far as their purpose in this world. Kudos for your superb poetry.



plz pleez do drop by again to read and comment under my newest poem too, such interaction feels warm in this cold world so we can be all be friends.


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