A subliminal melody of the delicate perfections
That embellish the aura of mind, body and soul
A pitter-patter of the heart wings
Stomach turning, head spinning, mind racing
To new heights, and unimaginable destinations
Where peace is found in the slightest brush against the skin
Filled with the delicious taste of sweet surroundings
That secret smile that glides past the lips
The butterflies that slam into the chest
Churning and mixing into these befuddled and muddled
Perplexed thoughts
Darling, isn't it amazing?
Intertwined fingers, tracing the pulse where
The breath is lost in the eruption of bliss
Sudden bursts of smooth caresses
Sweet aromas of a cloud so high
Behind golden gates, in a vanilla sky
Far beyond the galaxies of lust arise
Epiphanies you can't bear deny
Atop the silk waves higher than 9
Where penetration is a diamond glistening behind the closed doors of our realm
Waiting to be opened
One breath deeper, one yearn longer, one extinguisher
To soothe the pang of distress when the mind says no

But the very essence of who we are
Begs yes
Where love is a flame that burns in the candle of desires
And passion holds the key to wonders so bright
Ride the river of majestic waters
Escape the bars containing your soul
Step into the tomorrow that is bursting at the seams
And lock the door behind you as you step into your dreams


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