Feeling Human

Tue, 03/29/2016 - 12:56 -- jerlee

It simply doesn’t add up,

The world we live is the one and only Earth

For we shall be side by side

To strive for equality

Nor be look down by gender

The might of our voice can be heard

As the length we took should be notice

I am no different from you

Who does the same job just as fair and hard

Yet somehow equality was lost and left behind by corporate hands

By humans

Where education stood no balance

Because I was born a men

And I question what make me so different from you

When we hold the same position

Yet you were looked down upon

Because in this world gender equality hasn’t been settled

Where cultural shift is happening

Allowing work and home to find another ending

To be tough, to test dominance

To gain the desire that was prolonged for centuries

When the past still possess, simple minded humans

It all ages and we do too

How much longer until my mother feel human?

How much longer




this is simply beautiful



Thank you, Deadhandartist.

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