How do you feel?

What if you were never told how you’re supposed to?

What if no one told you to feel sad or feel glad or get mad, is that bad?

Would we feel at all?

Would we feel life more deeply, live life less neatly?

Would we be more unique?

Would we still learn to speak?

I feel overwhelmed when I try to explain it,

this panicky feeling I can’t seem to name it.

But this feeling’s a feeling so what if it wasn’t.

Do I dare to dream about things that I mustn’t?

But isn’t this feeling unique just for me

or maybe we’re just told that it has to be.

To believe anything else than we’re told can be scary

like believing in magic, or goblins, or fairies.

But just cause we’re told they can never be true,

doesn’t mean that they aren’t true to you.

You have a mind and a soul that’s uniquely your own

so you can decide what is left to be known.

To feel how you want to and to give yourself purpose

you’ll be surprised by the feelings that come to the surface.

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