Feelin' Good

Mon, 09/15/2014 - 09:24 -- Kemare

Today I'm feelin' good, I dare you to change that
The sun greets me with a smile while birds sing at my window
I'm grateful to be alive, I was blessed with another chance
I'm feelin' good even though tomorrow worries may kick in

I'm feelin' good today, no one can tell me what to do
I strive to be the best in everything I do
Lets celebrate, yes let's celebrate
For the upcoming new generation
Who may not have a clue who they wanna be
But let's celebrate, let's celebrate
Because we are free

I'm feelin' good today, my close friends and I
Friends from all over the world
Who I can speak to in public and not be afraid if i got caught
Today I'm feelin' good because I got a chance while my ancestors fought
To get what I did

Today I'm feelin' good, I speak to the wind and the tress
Butterflies rest on my shoulders, leaves gather at my feet
The sky paints a picture for us all to see
I'm feelin' good today because it reminds me
Of my great grandmother, a beautiful native american, who died in peace

I'm feelin' good today because a grade doesn't define me
I'm feelin' good today because I know my abilities
I'm feelin' good today because the past is behind me
I'm feelin' good today because I'm one step away
One step away from my victory

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