It seems like,

            everyone is always trying to change themselves

            thinking it will change the world around them as

            though it will redefine structures that cannot be broken

People assume

            that they are supremely larger than the entire globe feeling

            indifferent that nations are stuck in tedious catstrophes accepting

            that as their normal


                                                                   "oh that's horrible"

Is the most that's juiced out of it all.

    change the moral of human kind

We have

                  desensitized so much that it does not occur to us

                  that there are lives being taken that feel just

                  as much as we do 

                  are affected by music and movies like we do 

                  that cry when their dogs die 

                  that are heart breakers too.

I am sick of seeing so many self diluted people

I want  the caring back 

I want us all to change





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