feast of ignorance

I remember when we use to fight like mayweather and paquiao
but we woke up the next morning and play pilolo
You bit me, nor hewor ma fe no eko
Where is the love we seek and sought
The forgiveness that we where thought
We receive forgiveness from above which we never could afford
Yet we hold on to beefs with ppl we think we bought
If its self righteousness, d farracees are better
I smile on the face but my heat is bitter
I am from mars n ure from Jupiter
Am inept and u are brighter
I shot an arrow through the glass and it was stable cus it was in my head
No one to talk to no one to listen to
U never forgive, u never forgave me
Who is man
What is man
The mortuary said to me, am tire of being harassed by spoilt housing
Minutes ago he stood in charge as the authority
Seconds ago he slept in quiet like an innocent rat
Laid in a box not biger than his bed
The grave yard never adjoined the keeping of wasted sand
They feast with ignorance
Call themselves with names
But cloth in foolishness
marzipan, A confection made of almonds and sugar mixed into a paste and molded into shapes. Same as marchpane.

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world
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