Fearless, Fabulous, Flawless

Haha me?  Fearless?

I am full of fears. 

Heights, public speaking, snakes, the Boogie Man.

Why am I fearless?

I fly high, I speak up, I own snakes, I boogie with the Boogie Man.



Haha me? Fabulous?

I am not special.

Introvertive, gawky, ordinary.

No. I am a leader. I break the ice. Astounding.



Haha me? Flawless?

Shameful, rule breaking, scarred.

I hate myself,

yet I love myself.

I have flaws.

Acne, depression, anxiety.

I also have makeup, family, and Ed Sheeran.


Fearless, Fabulous, Flawless? Me?

If you knew me you would know.

F words and I don't mix.

I'm a "good girl," I'm shy, I'm quiet.

I know I make a difference in somebody's life each day.

Compliments, smiling, giving up a dollar.

It really makes a difference to "that homeless man." Henry.


Fearless, Fabulous, Flawless.

Yes, I am. Not to many,

but to atlease one I am,

Fearless, Fabulous, Flawless.


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