Fear of the Unknown

I wonder about things beyond our atmosphere

But sadly, gravity demands that I must stay here

I wonder about the many phenomenons that I can’t comprehend

Even the scary things like meteors and black holes that could cause this world to end


I fear the uncertainty, I fear the unknown

Thinking of all the possibilities has me mind-blown

I try to find comfort in the dark

But it’s not that easy when I’d rather think of inviting places like the Yosemite National Park


The night sky is a glimpse into the world outside our atmosphere

What’s out there? Unfortunately, that will remain unclear

Something as big as the universe is frightening

But when I use my imagination, it becomes enlightening


The uncertainty transformed into infinite possibilities

The unknown became an opportunity to create my own world when I needed to escape reality

The balcony is where I studied the stars

It’s where I am reminded that the world is ours


I sit on the balcony staring into the endless star-filled skies

The longer I sit there, the more I start to realize

I am no longer looking up into the darkness

Instead, I am gazing into the infinite cosmic abyss


I will forever be awestruck by the mystery of our galaxy

And I will continue to dream of the universe where I am able to create new fantasies

Although our view of the universe is limited

My imagination will never be restricted


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