broken and confused

 shaken up and abused

you told me you loved me

see how words can be easily misused

you'd promises me you'd always come through

until that day

I never saw you

a five year old child waiting by the door

for daddy to come home

ouch that hurt

I guess that's what it felt like when Jesus was stoned

every birthday



Father's Day


got another rock thrown at me

when time waiting for you wouldn't last

without an answer or word from dad

agony in my hurt thickens

I think to myself

 if I was a man id look up to you

cause I know everything your children went through

was due to you

forgiveness out of the question

then again

I think how would I be able to get my blessings

I was told if I did not forgive you

I would not be forgiven

at the gates of heaven

so here's my forgiveness letter

cherish it my present 

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